The basic building material used to construct the walls and gates of the fortress, is different types of local stone. More precise treated are the stones in the front side of the building while for the rest parts are used crushed stones.

The building technique is implecton a better formation of the inner and outer faces of the building, and in the middle (between both faces) it is filled with a mixture of white mortar, sand and pebbles. For the alignment of the fortress walls and gates is used wooden beams(santrachi) laid longitudinal and across . The preserved wooden beams and marks in the mortar show that the beams are with dimensions 0,20-0,30 X 0,15 0, 20 meters. The longitudinal beams are in a distance from 2 to 2,50 while the across beams 1,80 to 2 meters.

The fortress walls are built on the rock but beforehand is founded mortar base 0,10 m thick. On the places where the rock is lower , the terrain is leveled and trenches are dug deep from 0,80 to 1,60 m . The trenches are stabilized with stones and a lot of mortar.

The techniques and materials used for building the fortification in Ryahovetz are met in other constructions from the late Middle-ages , especially in the capital Turnovgrad.