The decorations are varied .The bracelets found very often are:  glass , bronze, twisted copper wire.

   The bracelets are made by material containing glass colored in light or dark blue and black .They are in the form  of regular circle and have a round or ellipse section .Their ends are joint through thinning and pressing(the junction has a rectangle or square section). The small inner diameter of the most of the bracelets causes supposition that they were worn by children .There is  an analogy of similar decorations from other medieval constructions.

   The bronze bracelets are flat , made by solid flat lamellae .There are wealthy engraved ornaments on there front part – most often straight or crossed wavy lines , rectangles or squares filled with diagonals and centered circles(ornament “bird eye”).The decoration is symmetrical and rich on the ends. The carved ornaments are in combination with imbossed ones – a line of grains – imitation of the technique “granulation”.

   The copper bracelets are made of  fourfold twisted copper wire..The double twisted wire is folded into two and then twisted again. Their ends are pressed and ellipsed like tabs. Some of the tabs resemble stylized snake heads . These kinds of decorations are widely spread in the Medieval Bulgarian State .

   The rings found in the research works of the Ryahovetz fortress are made from bronze . They are flat with oval lamellae . Usually they have etched decorations- short lines and dots in different combinations . The ornament “ bird eye” is only on  some of the rings.

   The earrings are very simple ,made of thin wire .

   The copper buttons are with regular spherical shape .They are made of two parts with small tabs which attached to the garment .They were widely spread during the period of the Second Bulgarian State.They were usually sewn on the dress to button the sleeves.

   The little horn-amulet is very interesting . Its surface is perfectly polished . It is engraved with lines and dots . The upper part is arch-shaped and below it there is a semi-ellipsed opening to hang it.

    Among the treasures found in the Ryahovetz  fortress is an object ( stylo ). It was used for writing on covered with wax slat (pinakida, Greek word “pinax”, meaning “ slat “ ). It is a stick made of bronze or iron, pointed at on end and the other one is formed as a small spade. The last one was used to clean the wrong text.

The pen from Ryahovetz is made of bronze. The small spade is quite well preserved. It has the shape of  an isosceles triangle with slightly rounded ends. The widen part is 2 centimeters and the length of the spade is 3,5 cm. On the top there are three small rings which connect the spade to the shank.