My name is Vanya Plamenova Pisinska, I am 17 years old and i study in secondary school "Georgi Izmirliev", in Gorna Oryahovitca. I am in X class and Istudy the humanitiest, but even with literature and history, I love to occupy with graphics and WEB design. After school I go to English lessons. I'd love to go out with friends.

So it is decide to create site for the fortresses "Riahovetz", before which were together with friend on the walk in outskirts the town.

I wants to thank all, working in the town history museum, because they have afford me material from for the archeological research, that was made near the fortress in 1985-1988 years and first of all s. research worker and doctor of history sciences Ivan Bachvarov, who works as a director history museum of our town.

Thanks and my teachers - Svetla Georgieva (informatics) and teachers of english and russian, who have render me a help at translations.

Wants to thank and my mother, which was constantly before me and subfixed my ideas, so, either as Municipality of Gorna Oryahovitza for afford an opportunity to publish my site with official site of the municipality to use their domain.

Thank you and all YOU, which have visit this site.

I was very grateful for your opinions and ideas, which are to send me on: